There isn’t nothing of new in the president trump’s decision about Jerusalem

about the recognition of trump, of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. it was something already planned 20 years ago. from previous US presidents. so there isn’t absolutely nothing new. it was only materially realized. I think it is right to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. tel aviv is only a provincial city


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Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, and Princess Diana were all descendants of Gerald de Windsor and Princess Nest of Wales. For hundreds of years the origin of the ancestors of Gerald de Windsor has been debated, with some arguing that they were Anglo-Normans, and others arguing that they were originally from Florence, Tuscany, and were Italian. This paper, which includes a full bibliography, aims to set the record straight once and for all. The author presents new facts and discusses primary documents that have been overlooked or ignored by other researchers, including documents written in the Italian language. He makes a strong case that the Gherardini of Florence were, in fact, the ancestors of the Geraldines, or Fitzgeralds, the Fitzmaurices, the Desmonds, the Keatings, and the rest. His arguments are strengthened by the results of the DNA tests of the descendants of a Keating.

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