North Korea condemned by the United Nations Security council, it is time now to think about Venezuela and Nicolas Maduro


Thanks to China, for to have giving a hand to the United Nations Security Council, to vote in favor of sanctions against North Korea. Thanks also to Russia for be abstained from it, it is time for the international community to unite to counter these regimes that threaten the free world. However, it is time for the international community to move, against Nicolas Maduro and the Venezuelan dictatorship



Gessica Notaro has returned to work victim of the violence of a cape verde immigrant. The capoverdian must be now expelled from Italy




The Rimini girl, assaulted by a Cape Verde immigrant, she has recovered and returned to work. I want to express my full solidarity with this young woman. And reiterating that we need a stop to this wild immigration from Africa because jessica, is just one of the many cases of young women, victims of African immigrants. The black chocolate in the meantime he is in jail. I hope he will be soon expelled from italy